Cheers to new beginnings.

Happy New Year. Originally, I didn’t plan on making resolutions for 2013, but I think it’s good to have goals to start the new year. So here they are:

  1. E no’ono’o i nā mana’o maika’i (think happy thoughts)
  2. be more professional
  3. make decisions with my head and my heart - not one or the other
  4. get a journalism internship 
  5. 4.0
  6. be real, but guarded at the same time
  7. make healthier lifestyle choices
  8. invest in a new phone/laptop
  9. 365 photo journal
  10. keep up with my wordpress blog
  11. make better friends
  12. believe in myself.
  13. do what i love; no holding back
  14. save more, spend less.
  15. Do not dwell on the past; rather, learn from the situations and don’t ever let those experiences hold you back.
Below are my 2012 resolutions. Everything crossed out has been accomplished in 2012.
2012 Resolutions

1. Get a job.

2. Spend less, save more.

3. Commit to exercising daily (at least 5 days a week)

4. Be less socially awkward.

5. Make time for friends.

6. Lose a minimum of 35 pounds by the end of 2012.

7. Be a better friend.

8. Be more independent

9. Gain knowledge that can help me do well in the future

10. Keep control of my anger issues.

11. Don’t get too caught up with everyone else’s life

12. Don’t let other peoples judgments get to me.

13. Find someone who will accept me for who i am.

14. Do at least one good deed per day.

15. Successfully complete 85% of my 2012 resolutions before December 31st, 2012 at 11:59 pm